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Adjustable clearance ball bearing rolling the latest design

First, the design features

        (A) assembly installation: the outer ring made of split, you can easily adjust the bearing radial clearance to the ideal value, without using packet assembly method that can achieve high accuracy. The shaft is also very easy to install, without additional adjustment of other devices, simplifies machine structure.

(B) processing is easy: With the middle of adjustable links, so that the machining tolerance band can be greatly relaxed, the rejection rate also will decrease exponentially. At the same time reduce the demands on precision machine tools to precision machine tool in ordinary high-precision bearings possible. The technical level of workers can be appropriately reduced, with some economic benefits.

(C) to facilitate maintenance repair: When the bearing clearance caused by wear tolerance, the only appropriate adjustment of pads to reduce the thickness, can reduce the clearance to restore the original precision, corresponding to extended bearing life. In addition, when only the individual components being damaged, you can also replace damaged parts of the methods used to repair the bearings, or even the entire old as new, after all, a good way to plan carefully.

(D) reduction of part types: the outer ring made of split will enable the ball in the fairway covered, so the cage can be avoided. This also can reduce the process to improve carrying capacity, can be said to serve multiple purposes.

(E) to improve the situation by force: use of double row ball bearing capacity can be increased, and can withstand a two-way axial force.

Second, design ideas, working principle and concrete structures

        As we all know, to adjust bearing radial clearance, to change the outer ring, inner ring, rolling body relative position of these three, intuitive approach is to make the diameter of the inner or outer diameter of change according to needs . On ball bearings, the method is already bearing inner ring bore processed into a certain taper, while a journal is also compatible with the corresponding taper machining. Assembled through the axis of the shaft attached device to change the location of the inner ring, so that the inner diameter of deformation resulting in changes to adjust the bearing clearance. In all fairness, this is a better way, to some extent address the problem, it followed so far. But there are several obvious deficiencies, first adjust the amount of limited (or even very small), a larger clearance when powerless. Followed by the journal office is required to process a high precision taper, and the need to set additional adjustment device, the axis of the manufacturing process complicated. Once again is under a lot of prestressed inner ring and the circumferential tensile stress on the bearing strength of highly negative, sometimes even in the adjustment of the inner "no war since the break." Thus, this traditional method is not quite reasonable, a great need for improvement.

Analysis of bearing structures known in the inner part has been done enough in this article, it appears that potential. The ball is "monolithic" significantly "profitable." Naturally, we look up to the outer ring. But this is simply part of another simple, conventional thinking on its impossible to start with, must be another way. After wrestling with multiple advice, and repeated deliberation, finally enlightened. Realized that: change the bearing radial clearance, as if to fight, not only from the front (radial) force onslaught, also from the side (axial) skillfully taking roundabout. The prerequisite is to break the shackles of the traditional way of thinking and habits forces of imprisonment, to dare to innovate. Therefore, bearing a bold vision to cut open the outer ring along the cross section, divided into two (reverse thinking, be simplified). Its two halves to the relative axial movement, then the inner fairway with a special surface and rolling body interaction, the relative axial displacement of the outer ring rolling into the radial displacement, which received indirect change in ring, outer ring, rolling effect between the three radial positions, to adjust the clearance purposes. Based on this, we can have the following technical solutions: the bearing of the outer ring to the axial points from the overall body style combined, together with the double row rolling elements, combined with adjustment gasket set. Changes in the assembly by adjusting the thickness of spacer to easily adjust the bearing radial clearance to the required value, and finally coat with a threaded connection assembly as a whole. Similarly, when the bearings wear over time, after work, it only appropriate to adjust pads to reduce the thickness, you can easily remove bad clearance, restoration of the original accuracy. To repair purposes.

   To ensure the strength of the outer ring and thread anti-loose adaptation needs, should adopt the triangular fine thread, and appropriate to increase the thickness of the outer ring. Parts 2 to ball, double-column layout, the form of radial covered, but the ball the gap between the need to provide enough so that ball, "too crowded", co-efficient of friction reducing bearings. 3 piece pad set for the adjustment should be available in a variety of different thickness in order to select the portfolio. Able to do so, but also in its flexibility to include chrysanthemum-shaped gasket to prevent loose threads better. 5 pieces for the bearing inner ring, designed to be symmetrical, cylindrical in its favor on the cloth has a special curve ball Road, to facilitate the installation of rolling, and adjust the clearance from the role. In addition, the outer surface of each side also has four to six uniform wrench hole to insert a special tool in the adjustment screw tightened. These simple and clear, is not surprising. The key lies within the outer curve of the fairway on the design, is the key to success or failure can not be taken lightly. Designed not only to adjust the clearance to meet the basic requirements, should be considered, such as load, contact strength, fatigue life, processing, and other important factors. Fortunately, many of these seniors have done a lot of in-depth research and effective, a lot of information, experience to draw on, so I benefited greatly, thanks to this smooth sheet. Limited space, discussion here temporarily.
Third, a little inadequate

(A) the outer ring be thicker, and the material consumption has increased.

(B) the relatively large size of the axial bearing, and washers to adjust the thickness due to the randomness and greater volatility.

(C) increase the cut in the outer system, the external threads of processes. And because the thread is apt to produce stress concentration, while making it difficult to deal with heat 1P.

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