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Four methods to remove rolling bearing

1.the push method
Push the bearing with the press, ensure in this progress the movement must be keep stable , no damage to the machinery and the bearings shielded room .The press including  hand presses, mechanical presses or hydraulic presses .
Note : the action point in the press must be in the center of the shaft, and not pressure side.
2.the hammering method
Knocking Force added to the bearing inner ring, the knocking force added to the shielded room should not force of the rolling bearing and  the shelves . This method is simple, but often damage bearings . There is another method to avoid the damage: use brass stick less than Bearing diameter or other soft metal materials stick withstood the shaft, if the bearing in the end of the shaft . Using heel block below the bearing and gently tapping  bearing inner ring with hand hammer ,Then you can remove the bearing.
Note: heel block should be in appropriate location and the action point must be correct.
3. the pull method
The bearings will be gradually pulled out by using special pull tools and rotate the handle.
The pull tool’s two bends should be open to outside when remove bearing outer ring. The pull tool’s two bends should be inside and clip on surface of the bearing inner ring when remove bearing inner ring.
Note:(1) Avoiding the bearing loose or damaged , the pull tool’s hook should hooking the bearing inner ring, instead of hooking the outer ring.
(2)Keeping the lead screw aim at the centre hole when use the pull tools .Pay attention on the forces and the bearing. Don’t damage the hook and bearing.
(3) Prevention the hook slippage.
(4) Pull tool’s two bends should be less than 90 °
4 heat demolition method
  This method used to remove the tight fit bearing. The engine oil heated to 100℃,thenpour in the bearing .You can use the pull tool pull out the bearing after the bearing ring thermal expansion.
Note: (1) First of all, the pull tool should be mounted on the bearing with a certain tension.
(2) Before heating, use of asbestos rope or thin iron wrapped the shaft to prevent axial heat swell, otherwise will be difficult to demolish. Remove bearing from the bearing housing hole, only heating the bearing housing shell holes, can not be heated bearing.
(3) Shielded room must be sure the oil smoothly pour in on a bearing ring or rolling element when pouring engine oil. And to avoid waste and burn ,must set an oil basin below it to collect the shed hot oil.
(4) The operator should wear asbestos gloves to prevent burns.

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