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The correct usage and the common malfunction of rolling bearing

Dozens of bearings which are rolling bearings in the motor vehicles almost include all the common types of the bearing.
It is usually seen the malfunctions and damages from rolling bearings. As rolling bearings are usually in the inner of the structure, it is not convenient to check and inspect. So we only could make out a general idea by the malfunctions firstly; then we need dismantle the bearing and inspect it.  
The correct usage of rolling bearing is the guarantee of reducing malfunction and increasing the using time. The content is correct installation and reasonable lubrication.
The requirements of usage and common malfunction are introduced separately as follows:
1. the correct usage of rolling bearing
(1) the installation of rolling bearing
Before installation, rolling bearing need to be cleaned. Installation, we need use professional tools to press evenly into the location straightly. Do not strikes with hand hammer, in particular, directly strike on the bearing. When the bearing ring and the seat hole become loose, they should be repaired or replaced. Do not make pits on the surface of bearing or put copper pad instead.
Installation, we need use the suitable tool to pull the bearing out. Do not strike the bearing with chisel, hand hammer, est.

(2) The lubrication of bearing
The common lubricant for rolling bearing  are lubrication oil and lubricating  grease.
When the speed of the shaft’s circumference is less than 4-5m / s, or the parts of motor where cannot use lubrication oil, we should use lubricating grease.
The advantage of lubricating grease is simple sealed structure. It is not easy to drain and affect for the lubricating grease. So it is usually used a long time once add the lubricating grease.  
There two points need to pay much attention when we use lubricating grease. One point: choose the suitable brand of  lubricating grease.
For example, the bearing of automobile water pump should not choose Na lubricating grease, because it is poor water resistance。

The other point:  put the lubricating grease into the bearing in a suitable quantity. Generally, bearing cavity is filled with 1/2-l/3 appropriately. Too much lubricating grease is not only useless, but also increases the resistance of the bearing operation and increases the temperature to make it heat.
Particularly, we should pay much attention to bearings of the automobile. We should keep "empty hub lubrication," which means only put suitable quantity of lubricating grease on the coating layer. Otherwise, it not only waste of lubricating grease and affect cooling efficiency, but also to heat grease spill and may affect braking performance.
The advantage of lubricating oil is small friction and can spread out  heat, mainly applied to the bearings which work in high-speed and high-temperature.
The brand of the lubricating oil should be chosen by the motor introduction. And it needs to be exchanged in time, according to the motor maintenance cycle.  When we pull the old oil out, we need clean the structure before adding the new oil. It is better to add the oil to reach the line or the fuel filler. More oil is not permitted.
2. The common malfunction of rolling bearing
Generally, the malfunctions of rolling bearing are present in two situations. One point:  the temperature of bearing installation part is too high. The other one: the operation of the bearing has noises.
(1) The temperature of the bearing is too high
When the machine is operating, the site of installation of bearings  allows certain temperature. When hands touch the surface, it should not feel hot. Otherwise the temperature is too high. 
The reasons of too high temperature: the quality of the oil is not conforming to the requirements or the oil has gone bad. The degree of oil viscosity is too high. The structures are assembled too tight (lack of space); bearings are assembled too tight; bearing race or shell in the axis of location; load is too large; the bearing cage or body is broken.

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