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The sliding bearing and rolling bearing's lubrication distinguishes

   One: Sliding bearing lubrication:
    1. lubricating oil
    The lubricating oil is the main lubricant, the lubricating oil main physical property target is the viscosity, the viscosity attribute fluid flow internal friction performance, the viscosity is bigger, its fluidity is worse. The lubricating oil another physical property is greasiness, attribute lubricating oil on metal surface adsorptive capacity. Greasiness is bigger, is stronger to the metal adsorptive capacity, the lubricant film is easier to form. The lubricating oil choice should overall evaluation bearing's load-bearing capacity, journal rotational speed, lubrication way, sliding bearing's factors and so on surface roughness. 
1st, in the heavy load or under the impact load working condition, should use greasiness to be big, the viscosity big lubricating oil, forms the stable lubricant film; 
2nd, under high speed underloading working condition, to reduce the friction power loss to be possible to choose the viscosity small lubricating oil; 
  3rd, the surface roughness or after has not run the surface which gathers to choose the viscosity high lubricating oil.
4 th,  the static pressure or moves the static pressure sliding bearing to be possible to select the viscosity small lubricating oil;

  2. lubricant
    The journal speed is smaller than 1 ms ~ 2 ms sliding bearings may use the lubricant, the lubricant is with the mineral oil, each gelatinizer (for example calcium, accepts, metallic soap and so on lithium, aluminum) and the water compromises becomes, lubricant thickness (penetration) big, bearing capacity is big, but physics and the chemical property are unstable, uses not suitably under the temperature change big condition, uses in the low speed heavy load or in the swinging bearing.  
 smoother and gas lubricant.
3. lubrication method
    Provides the lubricant to the bearing is forms the lubricant film the essential condition, the hydrostatic bearing and the sound of something astir next to last act receives is through the oil pump, the current regulator and the oil groove to sliding bearing's axle bush continuously feed, forms the lubricant film to cause the axle bush and the journal surface separates

    Two: Rolling bearing lubrication:
1. oil lubrication
    When under the high speed high temperature's condition, the fat lubrication cannot satisfy the request may use the oil lubrication. The lubricating oil principal characteristic is the viscosity, the rotational speed is higher, uses a viscosity lower lubricating oil elected; The load is bigger, uses a viscosity higher lubricating oil elected. According to the operating temperature and the dn value, may select the k value which the lubricating oil should have, then from lubricates in the oil product table of contents according to the viscosity to select the corresponding lubricating oil trademark.
   2. the fat lubricates
    Because the lubricant is one kind sticks the thick gelatinous material, therefore lubrication film toughness is high, can withstand the big load, is not easy to drain, easy to seal, stuffing may maintain quite long period of time. Wave he bearing's attire fat quantity generally for bearing inner space volume 13~2/3. . Regarding these inconvenient increases the lubricant frequently the place, or these did not allow the lubricating oil outflow to send the pollution product the industry machinery, this lubrication way was suitable. Its shortcoming is only suitable for low d. Value. Meets the lubricant the main performance index is the male person and the drop out point. Bearing's dn value is big, load hour, elected penetration big lubricant; Otherwise, whose uses small lubricant elected. In addition, bearing's operating temperature should be lower than the lubrication bulge hot spot, regarding the mineral oil lubrication bulge, should lower 10~20t; Regarding synthesis lubricant. Should lower 20~30℃.

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