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Precision Miniature Ball Bearing(R133, OB71, RI3332)

Miniature Ball Bearing(R133, OB71, RI3332)

 Our miniature and instrument bearings are available in ABEC 1, 3, 5 precision. Available in 4400 stainless or 52100 steel. Ball cages are crown or ribbon construction. We have full ball compliment or conrad types in metric or inch dimensions with extended inner rings, snap rings, flanges and different types of seals or shields.

1. Inches Series, R133, OB71, RI3332, R1-5, OB72, RI-5, R144, OB74, RI-418, R2-5, OB75, RI-518, R2-6, OB76, RI-618, R2, EE0, R-2, R2A, EE1/2, RA2, R155, OB79, RI-5532, R156, OB81, RI-5632, R166, OB82, RI-6632, R3, EE11/2, R-4, R4A, EE2, RI-1214, RA4, R1810, OB92-1, RI-8516, R6, EE3, RI-1438, R8, RI-1812, R10, R12, R133ZZS, WOB71ZZX, RI-3332ZZ, RA133ZZA, R1-5ZZS, WOB72ZZX, RI-5ZZ, RA1-5ZZA, R144ZZS, WOB74ZZX, RI-418ZZ, RA144ZZA, R2-5ZZ, WOB75ZZ, RI-518ZZ, RA2-5ZZA, R2-6ZZ, WOB76ZZ, RI-618ZZ, RA2-6ZZA, R2ZZ, EE0ZZ, R-2ZZ, R2ZZA, R2AZZ, EE1-2ZZ, RA2ZZ, R155ZZS, WOB79ZZX, RI-5532ZZ, RA155ZZA, R156ZZS, WOB81ZZ, RI-5632ZZ, RA156ZZA, R166ZZ, WOB82ZZ, RI-6632ZZ, R166ZZA, R3ZZ, EE1SZZ, R-3ZZ, RA3ZZ, R168ZZS, OB87ZZX, RI-614ZZ, R168ZZA, R188ZZ, WOB88ZZ, RI-814ZZ, RA188ZZA, R4ZZ, EE11/2ZZ, R-4ZZ, R4AZZ, EE2ZZ, RI-1214ZZ, RA4ZZ, R1810ZZS, OBF92ZZX, RI-8516ZZ, RA1810ZZA, R6ZZ, EE3SZZ, RI-1438ZZ, R8ZZ, RI-1812ZZ, R10ZZ, R12ZZ, 1601, 1602, 1603, 1604, 1605, 1606, 1607, 1614, 1615, 1616, 1620, 1621, 1622, 1623, 1628, 1630, 1633, 1635, 1638, 1640
2. Metric series
Metric series
672, 682, L-520, MR52, ML2005, L-520W02, BC2-5, 692, R-620, MR62, ML2006, R-620W02, BC2-6, MR72, ML2007, R-720Y52, BC2-7, 602, R-720, 682X, 68/2.5, L-625, 692X, 69/2.5, R-725, MR82X, ML2508/1B, R-825Y52, BC2.5-8, 602X, ML2508, R-825, 60/2.5MR63, ML3006, L-630, 673683, L-730, MR83, ML3008, R-830Y52, BC3-8, 693, R-830, MR93, ML3009, R-930Y52, BC3-9603, R-930, 623, R-1030, 633, MR74, ML4007, L-740, 674, MR84, ML4008, L-840, BC4-8, 684, L-940, MR104, ML4010, L-1040X2, BC4-10, 694, R-1140, 604, R-1240, 624, R-1340, 634, R-1640X4, MR85, ML5008, L-850, 675, MR95, ML5009, L-950, BC5-9, MR105, ML5010, L-1050, BC5-10, 685, L-1150, 695, R-1350, 605, R-1450, 625, R-1650X4, 635, R-1950, MR106, ML6010, L-1060,6900, 6000, R-2610, 6200, 6801, 6901, 6802, 6902, 6803, 6903, 682ZZ, W682ZZ, L-520ZZ, W682ZZA, MR52ZZ, WML2005ZZ, L-520W52, WBC2-5ZZA, 692ZZ, W692ZZ, R-620ZZ, W692ZZA, MF62ZZ, WML2006ZZ, R-620ZZY52, WBC2-6ZZA, MR72ZZS, WML2007ZZ, R-720Y03, WBC2-7ZZA, 602ZZS, W602ZZX, R-720ZZ, W602ZZA, 682XZZ, W68/2.5ZZ, L-625ZZ, W68/2.5ZZA, 692XZZ, W69/2.5ZZ, R-725ZZ, W69/2.5ZZA, 602XZZ, WOB17ZZ, R-825ZZ, W60/2.5ZZA, MR63ZZS, WML3006ZZX, L-630ZZ, WA673ZZA, 683ZZ, W683ZZ, L-730ZZ, WA683ZZA, MR83ZZ, WML3008ZZ, L-830ZZ, WBC3-8ZZA, 693ZZ, W693ZZ, R-830ZZ, WA693ZZA, MR93ZZ, 603/2BZZ, R-930ZZY04, WBC3-9ZZA, 603ZZ, W603ZZ, R-930ZZ, W603ZZA, 623ZZ, R-1030ZZ, 623ZZA, 633ZZ, R-1330ZZ, MR74ZZS, WML4007ZZX, L-740ZZ, WA674ZZA, MR84ZZ, WML4008ZZX, L-840ZZ, WBC4-8ZZA, 684ZZ, W684ZZ, L-940ZZ, W684ZZA, MR104ZZ, WML4010ZZ, L-1040ZZ, WBC4-10ZZA, 694ZZ, R-1140ZZ, 694ZZA, 604ZZ, R-1240ZZ, 624ZZ, R-1340ZZ, 634ZZ, R-1640ZZ, MR85ZZS, WML5008ZZX, L-850ZZ, WA675ZZA, MR95ZZS, WML5009ZZX, L-950ZZ, WBC5-9ZZA, MR105ZZ, WML5010ZZ, L-1050ZZ, WBC5-10ZZA, 685ZZ, W685ZZ, L-1150, W685ZZA, 695ZZ, R-1350ZZ, 695ZZA, 605ZZ, R-1450ZZ, 625ZZ, R-1650ZZ, MR106ZZS, WML610ZZX, L-1060ZZ, WA676ZZA, MR126ZZ, WML6012ZZ, L-1260ZZ, WBC6-12ZZA, 686ZZ, W686ZZ, L-1350ZZ, W686ZZA, 696ZZ, R-1560ZZ, 606ZZ, R-1760ZZ, 626ZZ, R-1960ZZ, MR117ZZS, WML7011ZZX, L-1170ZZ, WA677ZZA, MR137ZZ, WML7013ZZ, L-1370ZZ, WBC7-13ZZA, 687ZZ, W687ZZ, L-1470ZZ, W687ZZA, 607ZZ, R-1970ZZ, 627ZZ, R-2270ZZ, MR128ZZS, WML8012ZZX, L-1280ZZ, W678ZZA, MR148ZZ, WML8014ZZ, L-1480ZZ, WBC8-14ZZA, 688ZZ, W688ZZ, L-1680ZZ, W688ZZ, 608ZZ, R-2280ZZ, 689ZZ, W689ZZ, L-1790ZZ, W689ZZ, 699ZZ, L-2090ZZ, 629ZZ, R-2690ZZ, 6800ZZ, L-1910ZZWS, 63800ZZ, L-1910ZZ, 6900ZZ, L-2210ZZ, 6000ZZ, R-2610ZZ, 6200ZZ, 6801ZZ, 6901ZZ, 6802ZZ, 6902ZZ, 6803ZZ, 6903ZZ

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