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Ball Bearings

 The proper use of the rolling bearings and common fault

Bus with dozens of bearing is rolling bearing, greatly small almost include all common bearing type, of rolling bearings so bump and damage is relatively common. Because of rolling bearings are generally installed within organizations, so inconvenience intuitive check, can according to the fault phenomenon first as judge, then remove brief inspections. Proper use of rolling bearings is to reduce bearing fault, extend the reliable guarantee of bearing life,

 The overseas well-known brand bearing advantages

The advantages of NSK what import bearings Generally speaking, the NSK bearings of seal role than dust cover larger, and by the flexible rotation and relatively low speed rotating restrictions. Designers, when choosing appropriate seals in the properties and must be considered lubricant conveying system and expectations working conditions. According to roll bearing in use to withstand high load, impact, and water and strong rust crumbs invaded,

 Tapered roller bearings, pump shaft even bearing installation

A, bearing the installation must install: bearing in a dry, clean environment conditions. Before installation should carefully check the shaft and the shell of the surface, convex shoulder with face, grooves and connection surface processing quality. All cooperate connection must be carefully cleaned surface and eliminate burr, casting unprocessed surface must be free sand. Bearing before installation should use first gasoline or kerosene clean, dry after use,

 High speed precision Angle contact ball bearing installation

High speed precision Angle contact ball bearing, mainly for the load lighter high-speed rotating occasions, request bearing high accuracy, high speed, low temperature rise of low vibration and certain service life. Always do the high-speed electric spindle supporting a pair installation using high-speed inside surface grinding machine, is the electric spindle key accessories. Its main technical indices: 1. Bearing accuracy index: more than GB / 307.1-94 P4 level precision

 The analytic comparison of capability features between thrust ball bearing and pillow block ball bearing

A: thrust ball bearings features: 1, thrust ball bearings are only bear a direction of the axial load on the structure by shaft circle, seat ring and ball with full of the cage. Among them, the shaft circle installed in shaft, seat ring hole hole bigger than shaft circle, seat ring aperture can not conducted grinding. 2, the two-way thrust ball import bearings can withstand the two directions of the axial load it with a two sides in gully axis, two seat ring ring and ball, .

 Bearing seal and the attention in high speed rotation

Bearing seal is in order to make bearing keep good lubrication condition and normal work environment, give full play to bearing performance, prolong service life, rolling bearing must have appropriate seal to prevent leakage and dust, lubricants moisture or other dirt invading. Bearing seal can be divided into bringing seal and plus seal two kinds. The so-called bearing is the cabin seal bearing itself into a sealing device manufacturing. Such as bearing with dust cover, seals, etc.

 Rolling bearing with fat good or oil choice

Rolling bearing both the rolling friction is also have sliding friction. Sliding friction is due in rolling bearing surface curve of deviation and load bearing deformation and cause. Such as rolling body and ring in between, because the ball and the ring is not absolutely rigid, their contact areas to produce the elastic deformation, always in line contact for contacts or, but in fact in load working conditions are always to become surface contact, therefore it has a different diameter point

 Precision bearing anti-rust process

Bearing process method of commonly used between rust has the following kinds: A sodium nitrite. Leaching solution with thick Will products and cleaning immersed contain sodium nitrite 15% to 20% in a solution of sodium carbonate and 0.6%, then put it up. Using this method the antirust period is short, generally can only keep 7-14 days, and in the rainy season, because the weather is wet, can maintain 2-3 days must restart processing, need to spend artificially and money.

 The ultra precision cylindrical roller bearing

Cylindrical roller bearing itself into several categories, a common and ultra-precision cent. Bearings can only carry axial load in one direction, in radial load, will cause additional axial force. And only limit shaft or shell in a direction of the axial displacement. If quality.the installation, make a pair of bearings, namely the outer ring relatively wide wide end, narrow face the narrow end face. So we can avoid cause additional axial force in both directions, but also in the shaft or shell limit axial clearance range.

 Bearing rings surface shading cause analysis

1 test materials and methods Raw materials for the XingCheng steel production GCr15 bearing steel. The process route: electric smelting - EBT 100t LF refining - CCM300 DVD vacuum processing - billet temperature send (or into slow cold pit) - rolling - cutting scale - finishing - inspection into the Treasury. In dark spots "in produce" JSM - with samples, interception 5600LV scanning electron microscopy (sem) and energy dispersive spectrometer NORAN carries on the observation and correspondence phase analysis.

 The choose and buy bearing 8 attention and use 4 attention

The choose and buy qualified bearings, first to observe whether clarity, quality goods mostly packing for use in technology, and steel before without overheating processing into pressure word, so font although small, but concave deep, very clear. Counterfeit products font fuzzy, they float on the surface, some even to smear by hand. Second look at whether there is roiling surface oil stains, if antirust technology no home, very easily smeary, take leave thick in the hand very sticky. .

 SKF single row angular contact ball bearing pairing

SKF single row angular contact ball have matched 72XX and 73XX series two kinds, and bearings standard precision for the bearing type at the level (in), they can not marked arbitrary matched stack into back-to-back form or face-to-face form etc. They suffix meaning: {TodayHot} B -- 40 °; E - high bearing capacity; CB/GA - clearance/pre load SKF has 3 kinds clearance level: CB - standard axial gap, the matchmaking bearing installation; CC - less than the CB axial clearance;