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SF-1X(DU) Self-lubricating sliding bearing (Bushing) Metric and inch series

SF-1X(DU) Self-lubricating sliding bearing (Bushing) Metric and inch series

SF-1X(DU): Steel DC01 + Sintered bronze ball(CuSn8Zn3) + 1X PTFE filler with Pb. 1X PTFE filler is the pre-embedded lubricant

SF-1X(DU): Steel DC01(ST12) + Sintered bronze ball(CuSn8Zn3, 0.25~0.35mm) + 1X PTFE  filler with Pb. 1X PTFE filler is the pre-embedded lubricant, so it could be used where the oil is hard to be added. It is maintenance free and has long service life.


Negligible "stick-slip" due to the equality between static and dynamic friction coefficient.

Can be used between -195~+280°C

Low friction, low wear and long life

Resistant to many chemicals(liquids and gas)

Compact structure and light in weight

Support heavy static and dynamic loads

Noise free

Price list for reference:


Outer surface

printed mark

Original price
Promotion Price
SF-1X 6x8x4 T 0604 0.022 0.017
SF-1X 6x8x6 T 0606 0.024 0.018
SF-1X 6x8x8 T 0608 0.026 0.020
SF-1X 6x8x10 T 0610 0.028 0.021
SF-1X 6x8x12 T 0612 0.030 0.023
SF-1X 8x10x6 T 0806 0.030 0.023
SF-1X 8x10x8 T 0808 0.034 0.026
SF-1X 8x10x10 T 0810 0.038 0.029
SF-1X 8x10x12 T 0812 0.042 0.032
SF-1X 8x10x15 T 0815 0.048 0.036
SF-1X 10x12x6 T 1006 0.032 0.024
SF-1X 10x12x8 T 1008 0.037 0.028
SF-1X 10x12x10 T 1010 0.041 0.031
SF-1X 10x12x12 T 1012 0.046 0.035
SF-1X 10x12x15 T 1015 0.053 0.040
SF-1X 10x12x20 T 1020 0.065 0.049
SF-1X 12x14x6 T 1206 0.042 0.031
SF-1X 12x14x8 T 1208 0.047 0.035
SF-1X 12x14x10 T 1210 0.053 0.039
SF-1X 12x14x12 T 1212 0.058 0.044
SF-1X 12x14x15 T 1215 0.066 0.050
SF-1X 12x14x20 T 1220 0.080 0.060
SF-1X 12x14x25 T 1225 0.094 0.071
SF-1X 13x15x10 T 1310 0.047 0.035
SF-1X 13x15x15 T 1315 0.061 0.045
SF-1X 13x15x20 T 1320 0.074 0.056
SF-1X 14x16x10 T 1410 0.050 0.038
SF-1X 14x16x12 T 1412 0.056 0.042
SF-1X 14x16x15 T 1415 0.065 0.048
SF-1X 14x16x20 T 1420 0.079 0.059
SF-1X 15x17x10 T 1510 0.050 0.038
SF-1X 15x17x12 T 1512 0.057 0.043
SF-1X 15x17x15 T 1515 0.068 0.051
SF-1X 15x17x20 T 1520 0.087 0.065
SF-1X 15x17x25 T 1525 0.105 0.079
SF-1X 16x18x10 T 1610 0.050 0.038
SF-1X 16x18x12 T 1612 0.059 0.044
SF-1X 16x18x15 T 1615 0.071 0.053
SF-1X 16x18x20 T 1620 0.091 0.068
SF-1X 16x18x25 T 1625 0.111 0.083
SF-1X 17x19x10 T 1710 0.051 0.039
SF-1X 17x19x12 T 1712 0.060 0.045
SF-1X 17x19x15 T 1715 0.073 0.055
SF-1X 17x19x20 T 1720 0.094 0.071
SF-1X 18x20x10 T 1810 0.056 0.042
SF-1X 18x20x12 T 1812 0.065 0.049
SF-1X 18x20x15 T 1815 0.078 0.059
SF-1X 18x20x20 T 1820 0.101 0.075
SF-1X 18x20x25 T 1825 0.123 0.092

1. Incoterm: FOB Shanghai, Price in USD

2. Packing: Pieces in one bag or in one roll, then put in neuter carton, Marks on carton as arrange. 5% excess loading allowed. Then make 1100*800 pallet if necessary

3. Payment: 100% T/T in advance for order less than USD2000. Otherwise 30% T/T for deposit, balance 70% by T/T at sight of B/L copy or L/C at sight.

4. Delivery: Normally the delivery is within 20-30days. We accept some urgent order. Normally the urgent order will be finished within one week.

5. Validity: Promotion price expired date: 1st, June, 2009, We keep the right to modify the prices without prior notice.  The promotion price is on the condition that the buyer accept our printed mark.

6. The products outer surface is Tin(Sn) plated, incase of copper plated, the promotion price will be the same as below.

7. Quality:

We produce qualified products. The good material and the sufficient material is guarantee of good quality. We use Baosteel ST12(DC01) excellent cold rolled steel, then make 2-3microns copper plating, then sinter 80-100meshes bronze ball to keep the bronze and PTFE layer 0.25~0.35mm. We use HC24 thickness test machine to check the bronze layer thickness. The final products are shining polished and then get TIN(SN) plated. It is really shining products instead of only make the shining sample for show.

Physical Property:

Static load capacity: 250N/mm2

Dynamic Load capacity: 140N/mm2
Temperature: -195~+280°C
Speed limitation: 5m/s
Friction coef(u): 0.04~0.20
PV LIMIT(Dry): 3.6N/mm2 .m/s
PV LIMIT(Oil): 50N/mm2 .m/s

We look forward to your other size inquiry.

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